Creating, Aligning, and Inspiring a Winning Organization — Inside and Out.

7 Leadership Lessons from Coaching High School Sports

What does your company’s culture look like and how can you make it better? Here are seven things I learned from coaching high school sports that you can incorporate into your own leadership. Read more >>

The Right Thing at the Wrong Time Is the Wrong Thing

Context matters. More than message. More than delivery. More than intentions. To get the right message to the right audience at the right time, start by walking in their shoes.  Read more >>

Alignment Problems? Maybe It’s You!

It’s not high-profile CEOs attending big events that build great brands. It’s the little things they do daily that lead to success or failure. What would your team say about how well you live your values every day? Read more >>

Turning Negativity into Opportunity

Often, leadership is standing in the way of effectively using social media, thinking public complaints hurt their brand. But social media is an important touchpoint in the customer experience. Building two-way engagement on social platforms is an opportunity to troubleshoot customer problems, increase sales, and build relationships. Read more >>

Taking Your Intranet to the Next Level Can Grow Your Business

A successful intranet is a process—not a one-off project—that requires resources, continuous improvement, and a clear set of objectives that align with your organization’s strategic goals. And with little to no training, staff can engage, collaborate, and provide insight towards your business goals in a way never seen before. Read more >>

Want Greater Customer Satisfaction? Start with Employee Engagement

According to Gallup figures, the number of U.S. workers who claim they are not engaged with their jobs or are actively disengaged is a staggering 70%. Unfortunately, establishing an engaged workforce isn’t as simple as just getting HR/organizational development to the table and providing direction to add a page to the employee handbook. Read more >>

3 Keys to Enhancing the Customer Experience with Big Data

Shrewd leaders understand the importance of utilizing big data to make smarter business decisions, helping their companies innovate, compete, and improve productivity. With an avalanche of data available, taking on big data can be overwhelming. Three things need to happen to make managing a big data project scalable. Read more >>

The Golden Rule of Communication

Leaders demand context, clarity, honesty, and options in order to make the right decisions. Why, then, do so many not communicate with others as they’d wish to be communicated to? Read more >>

What Batman Can Teach Us about Brand Experience

Brands, like people, come to be known by how they behave, not by how they see themselves or how they say they behave. A certain Caped Crusader learned this the hard way.  Read more >>

Why Marketing Automation Is Not a Silver Bullet

Many companies today see marketing automation as the holy grail of communication. But if you’re looking for a set-it-and-forget-it marketing silver bullet, you’re missing a crucial part of the equation.

Good Times and Great Opportunities

The Great Recession is behind us—and for many, things are looking up. But don’t be deceived…change is speeding up, too. Good times are a great opportunity to dig in, get it right, and become the type of organization you’ve always hoped to be.

Driving Customer Advocacy

Customer advocacy is in the details. How can you pay closer attention and deliver an experience that can’t be found in the procedure manual? Read more >>

Warning Signs

Whenever an organization is experiencing an alignment problem, it’s pretty obvious. There are early warning signs, though, that can signal potential problems to come. Here are some common situations and what to do about them.

Rethinking How We Play the Game

The game has changed, so how we play it needs to change as well. Are you ready to break free?

The Power of Story

No matter what we produce, sell or engage in, we’re all in the people business these days. And people are engaged by stories that help frame why they should care about you. What’s yours?

Get Them Talking

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying the commercials during this year’s Super Bowl got a lot of people talking. In the “age of the customer,” that simple conversation can make all the difference between winning and losing the engagement game.

Failure to Communicate

Whenever there’s turmoil in an organization, “communication” is quickly placed at the top of the list as a high priority issue. But it’s not just a one-time “checklist” item. And there’s usually a deeper underlying issue that’s standing in the way of open, honest dialogue…

Increase Brand Engagement by Getting Personal

Even in marketing, we tend to appreciate a personal touch. Successful brands understand this, and customize their messaging accordingly. Here are a couple small steps to begin enhancing your customer experience with personalized messaging. Read more >>

2013 - A Look Back

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, we are often tempted to leap before we look. But as we jump ahead into 2014, a moment of reflection on what we learned this past year may help us see the path to living our stories more clearly. 

From Distress to Delight

Think people and attitudes don’t make or break a great experience? Here’s an example of how just one person drives loyalty, single-handedly. Meet Dale…

Leader, Own Your Brand

Successful brands are the result of someone with enough power to get things done, and caring enough to fully engage and do the hard work to build an experience that matters. Why, then, with so much at stake, do so many execs continue to banish the brand (and its budget) to the marketing department? Read more >>

Winning the Toilet Paper War

When everyone else is going down the same path, is blazing your own trail foolhardy or pure genius? Here's how one company used a customer-centric approach to shake up their category.

Did you do something with your hair?

Have you ever run across someone you know, but maybe haven’t seen in a while and get the sense that something has changed in them? Something for the better? A similar thing can happen with a brand experience when real and lasting change happens within your organization.

Making the Business Case for Alignment

Every organization has moments or pockets of misalignment. The best ones — and the best leaders — seek it out and deal with it before it gets out of hand. In fact it’s incumbent on leaders to seek out alignment issues. After all, the culture, the brand and successful client relationships are all based on an aligned experience. Read more >>

Four Steps to Integrating the Digital Experience

Whether you’re trying to drive brand awareness, reposition your brand, or generate sales leads, digital content is vital to making it all happen. But all too often, digital content is an afterthought, when instead it should be fully integrated throughout your efforts to most effectively drive customer engagement — and increase the ROI of your marketing. Read more >>

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