How to Recruit Top Talent in a Digital Age

You’re losing job candidates before you even meet them.

Today’s job seekers are taking their consumer habits into the job search—they are researching companies and applying for jobs online. And if they don’t like what they see, they’re ruling you out before you ever see an application.

Your employment brand matters more than ever before. And the strength of your digital experience for job seekers can’t be ignored. To build a strong employment brand, you have to look at the multiple channels used by your job seekers— your website, social presence, company reviews—and then meet their needs before you get to meet them.

How do job seekers find you?

Recruiting quality talent is a task that extends far beyond the wall of your job listings. The job seeker’s decision journey has mainly become digital—most checking an average of 18 sources before even applying to a job!

A typical candidate discovers opportunities through job networks and social networks. They then turn to social networks and company websites to research companies where they consider applying.

During this research phase, most turn to social avenues like Facebook to get an understanding of your company culture and community involvement. They check out LinkedIn and Twitter to understand more about the company and its key people. And they scour sources like Glassdoor to read staff reviews about your company.

How do you find top talent?

Not all top talent are active job seekers. Targeting passive job seekers can bring in the candidate of your dreams. Your recruiters can use tools like TalentBin to reach desirable candidates who are not actively looking for a job, where they are active online.

Provide a better experience than your competitor.

It’s simple—when you want your candidate to prefer you over any of the other organizations they have applied for, you need to create a memorable experience. It’s imperative to provide this experience throughout their job search journey.

Let’s look at some quick ways you can do that.

First stop: How is your website experience? Then check it out again on your mobile device.

For many companies, potential job candidates are the second most important visitors to the website. Your employment brand suffers if your website and recruitment portals are outdated or don’t reflect who you are. It also takes a hit if your digital presence is not set up for mobile. So test it out yourself to see if your candidates can easily find information they are looking for. Pay close attention to the following:

  • How easy is your job search function?
  • Is it mobile friendly? This is just as important for jobseekers as it is for your customers.  A Generational Kinetics survey found that millennials feel they should be able to apply for a job on a tablet (43%) or their smartphone (39%).
  • Make sure you include helpful and informative content about your culture and what it’s like to work within your organization. Remember, the job opening alone is not enough for top talent to want to work with you.

Have you applied using your system lately?

About 46% of job seekers apply for a job directly on a company’s website versus other avenues. But most job application portals are outdated, clunky systems that provide a poor and frustrating experience to your job applicants. I’m sure that isn’t the first experience you’d want your recruits to have. So try it out yourself.

  • Make sure it is mobile friendly—applicants will want to apply via mobile devices.
  • Consider upgrading your systems or using a third party portal.
  • Consider allowing your candidates to apply via LinkedIn or other sources.

What are your social networks saying about you?

What does your social presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn convey? Do you know your reviews on Glassdoor?

  • Review these properties and update your company profile.
  • Engage your employees to enhance your social reviews.

Your employment brand is made up of all the job seeker experiences you provide in multiple channels. It’s about ease of use. It’s about meeting the information needs of your recruits.

Evaluate all your channels to see how strong your employment brand really is. By creating an impactful experience, you’ll find improvement in both the quantity and quality of your candidates.

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