Know the Vital Importance of the Relationship Between Sales & Marketing:

From Inner Sales Podcast (Denis Kreft and Melinda Morella-Olson)

President of Imaginasium, Denis Kreft, and Director of Strategic Engagement, Melinda Morella-Olson recently sat down to chat with Jon and Russ of the Inner Sales podcast to discuss the interdependent relationship between marketing and sales.

“Don’t spend any money on marketing unless you can ensure your people can deliver what you’re promising to your customer base.”

-Denis Kreft, President, Imaginasium

During this podcast Denis and Melinda share insights on:

• Why sales and marketing need to work together
• How to get sales and marketing aligned
• Importance of marketing understanding the sales process
• Why “Random Acts of Marketing” can harm your sales efforts
• What is a fluid brand and why it’s important for sales

About Inner Sales Podcast

Business leader Russ Salzer joins Jon Stanis and other guests to talk about the problems that salespeople, managers, and teams face in their work. Subjects include prospecting, getting to close, the human element, the sales process, and more.

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About the author:

Denis Kreft

Denis Kreft is the president and co-founder of Imaginasium. Having served in just about every role in the company since the firm began in 1996, Denis has a keen ability to uncover clients' complex business challenges. Denis works tirelessly to ensure that Imaginasium's customer experience is firing on all cylinders and that the firm is truly living it's vision of helping clients live their story by clarifying their message, building understanding inside their own walls, and creating the marketing that moves customers to action.