Afraid to Confront Marketing Communication Problems Head On?

We see it all the time. A prospect comes to us with a challenge that is in our area of expertise. We know we can help.

They tick all of the boxes that our other satisfied clients have in the past. They know they need our expertise to help them build an intentional customer experience from the inside out. One that addresses all of the building blocks of The Customer Experience Ecosystem to get it right. The investment is not overwhelming.

It all makes sense … until they decide to create an internal position and hire for it instead. A decision that wasn’t even part of the conversation up to this point.

Time and again I try to figure out why they would hire one person and have all of the financial and logistical challenges in training them, managing them, and then have only the limited resources that one person can bring to the table available to them.

Not to say this person isn’t qualified to fill the role. Unfortunately, most of the time this person is hired to be very tactical. To execute a campaign, or help design a website. Not very often is this person hired to think about strategy. And, in some cases, they aren’t qualified to do so either. As a long-time business owner, this just doesn’t make sense to me.

My question is, why pass up the the hundreds of combined years of diversified expertise a marketing communications firm can provide to make a similar investment in just one staff person?

What Is Your Company Afraid Of?

After 20 plus years in this business, perhaps I’ve discovered why. Could it be they are afraid? Afraid of:

  • Giving up some control of the process
  • Having their strongly-held beliefs challenged
  • Rolling up their sleeves and doing the hard work it will take to make the initiative a success
  • The fact they may need to address some things they just don’t want to, such as:
  • Staffing
  • Process
  • Sacred cows
  • What growth and success looks like …  inevitably, there’ll be more to think about, bringing other challenges, like:
  • More staff
  • More equipment
  • More space
  • More time
  • Having to slow down to go faster
  • Being uncomfortable for awhile
  • The unknown, because they don’t fully understand the art of marketing communications (and they don’t want anyone to know they don’t have all the answers)

Success Is Yours for the Taking, Unless You Do Nothing…

Having worked with manufacturing leaders for almost three decades, we’ve found that the most successful leaders address these fears head on. They lean in. To them, they aren’t fears at all. They see these challenges as the opportunities they really are. Leaders know that committing to a strategy, measuring its performance and making the necessary changes along the way to ensure a successful outcome are truly the only path to greater rewards.

So, is that list really so scary? Look at it again. Don’t be afraid … face the challenge head on.

You might be afraid of making significant marketing changes, but what if you don’t? Isn’t that alternate outcome worse than trying new changes, especially with the rapidly changing business climate we find ourselves in?

And remember, there are people you can count on to walk beside you through that kind of challenge. If you’d like to explore the best way to engage with an outside strategic marketing partner like Imaginasium, we’re ready and waiting. Contact our Director of Strategic Engagement, Melinda Morella-Olson for a free, no obligation consultation.

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About the author:

Denis Kreft

Denis Kreft is the president and co-founder of Imaginasium. Having served in just about every role in the company since the firm began in 1996, Denis has a keen ability to uncover clients' complex business challenges. Denis works tirelessly to ensure that Imaginasium's customer experience is firing on all cylinders and that the firm is truly living it's vision of helping clients live their story by clarifying their message, building understanding inside their own walls, and creating the marketing that moves customers to action.